Upgrading Your Building By Installing New Glass Doors

Upgrading Your Building By Installing New Glass Doors

31 October 2022
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Replacing the door to your building is an important upgrade that can have a large effect on the overall look of the building as well as the security and functionality of it. For many individuals, glass doors can be an attractive option for this type of project, but they may not realize that they are believing some common misconceptions about making this particular change to their building.

Assumption: Glass Doors Are Always Extremely Fragile

It should not be surprising that individuals may assume that glass doors will always be extremely fragile. Yet, there are options that can allow a glass door to be strong enough to withstand a range of impacts and other potential sources of damage. This is possible through the use of shatter-resistant glass. These glass doors can be far less likely to suffer substantial damage from both accidental impacts and those attempting to break the glass to gain entry to the building.  

Assumption: A Glass Door Will Have Very Poor Energy Efficiency

The doors to your building will play a large role in determining the overall energy efficiency of the structure. While it may seem like a glass door will be a very poor choice in terms of energy efficiency, this is not the case as there are doors that can be as energy efficient as other common styles of exterior doors. This can be achieved through the use of thicker glass that can transfer heat less efficiency. Additionally, it is possible for a tint to be applied to these glass doors, and this tint can actively block much of the heat that the sun's light would have brought into the home. As an added benefit, this tint could also act to block ultraviolet rays of light that would otherwise be able to cause extensive bleaching of the floors.

Assumption: Glass Doors Will Provide No Privacy

Privacy can be another concern when a person is choosing to install glass doors in their building. Luckily, it is possible to enjoy the light that a glass door would allow into the home while still providing a private interior. The use of frosted glass is one solution to this problem as it will prevent individuals from being able to see through the glass door. Furthermore, the opacity of the frosted glass can be highly customized so that you can get exactly the look and performance level that you are wanting from your building's new glass door.

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