5 Factors Affecting Your Car Windshield Replacement Cost

5 Factors Affecting Your Car Windshield Replacement Cost

15 August 2022
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A cracked or damaged windshield poses safety and legal risks when driving. Some people prefer repairing the cracks, but it might not be an effective solution. Quality car windshield replacement provides a long-lasting solution where its repair isn't feasible. The cost of windshield replacement varies according to various factors. 

Check out these factors affecting your windshield replacement cost. 

1. Car Model and Make

Your car model determines the windshield replacement pricing. For example, SUV vehicles require large windshields, which might take longer to install.

Luxurious vehicles require specific windshield glass that may be hard to acquire and more delicate to handle. In smaller cars, the replacement could be cheaper because of the smaller windshield glass. 

2. Type of the Windshield

The type of glass, size, and shape of the windshield affect the replacement costs. These specifications vary according to the type of vehicle. Consider your options and consult your expert to get a quality windshield glass. 

Consider your financial budget when choosing between an original equipment manufacturer glass or an aftermarket glass. Don't compromise on quality because it'll affect the installation results and durability. 

Any additional features like automatic wipers or tints on the windshield increase the replacement cost. Work with your mechanic to find out how to incorporate these additions in your vehicle during replacement. 

3. Your Windshield Replacement Expert

Wind replacement professionals charge differently based on their experience and quality of work. So choose one who'll install your windshield flawlessly and within your budget. 

Inquire if the mechanic has windshield replacement warranties. Warrantied installation tasks may cost more but provide the necessary safety and protection if the windshield is damaged before the warranty period expires. 

4. Your Insurance Coverage

If you have comprehensive coverage, you have higher chances that the insurer caters for your windshield replacement. Look into your policy document to understand the amount that the insurer will cover. Then, consult your insurance agent and windshield replacement expert for payment purposes. 

5. Miscellaneous Costs

Look into additional wiring costs or rubber mountings needed during installation. Take note of these costs that add to your final costs.

It also matters if you replace your windshield on-site, at the garage, or at your location. For example, towing costs may add to your final replacement costs. In addition, mechanics charge higher when they install the windshields away from their garage. Also, they'll consider other environmental factors like temperature or pressure that may influence the quality of your replacement task.

To learn more about car windshield replacement, contact an auto glass service in your area.