The Different Types of Bathroom Mirror Option to Install in Your Home

The Different Types of Bathroom Mirror Option to Install in Your Home

13 May 2021
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Having a toilet, bathtub, or shower in your bathroom is essential, and so is having a mirror. Mirrors are imperative bathroom components as they can help you enhance your look. Additionally, bathroom mirrors can help improve your restroom's appearance since the glass is an excellent addition to your current bathroom decor. Further, the mirrors improve your bathroom's lighting and create a sense of spaciousness even though your restroom may appear small.

Given these benefits, you should select an ideal bathroom mirror. The following are various bathroom mirror installations you should explore.

Wall Glass

Wall mirrors are common, and you can get any style, shape, or size you desire. For instance, some types have a frame that adds color or contrast to the mirror, while other styles are frameless. Hence, wall glass can blend in any bathroom design, including traditional and modern-day bathrooms. 

The installation of these mirrors is dependent on the glass style, size, and weight. Installing smaller lightweight glass is straightforward since you can mount the glass directly onto the wall. However, installing heavy mirrors with complex styles may be challenging, and you may need several people to mount the mirrors.

Floor Glass

Floor glass typically sits detached on your bathroom floor. Contrary to wall glass that allows you to view your upper body, floor glass can enable you to view your entire body. These mirrors usually have a frame that will enable you to change the angle of your view. Therefore, you can adjust the mirror's reflection, enabling you to view various body areas. 

A self-supporting floor mirror is an excellent choice for your bathroom since the mirror installation process isn't complicated. Installation, in this case, entails unwrapping your glass and placing the mirror on the floor. These mirror installations offer convenience as you can always move them whenever you want.

Cabinet Glass

Cabinet glass has two roles. The glass facilitates personal viewing and offers storage space where you can keep your medicine, bathroom utilities, towels, and other items. The glass is ideal for small bathrooms as it makes the small space look spacious because both your cabinet and mirror occupy the same area. You can install this glass for good, or you can have it as a self-supporting mirror with legs or a stand.

The common bathroom mirror installations include cabinet, pivot, floor, and wall glass. If you're looking for an ideal bathroom mirror installation, contact services like Econo Glass Systems.