A Few Things To Know About Auto Glass Damage And Repairs

A Few Things To Know About Auto Glass Damage And Repairs

22 December 2020
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The auto glass on your car is made from tempered glass, which means it crumbles rather than breaks into shards. However, it can still be knocked out or damaged by a flying rock if you're dealing with a damaged windshield. If you have a damaged windshield now, have it repaired or replaced as soon as you can. Here's why your windshield is so important and a few other things to know about auto glass.

Your Windshield Is A Safety Feature

You may think a windshield is just for blocking the wind, bugs, and rain so you can see to drive. It does all that, but it also supports the roof of your car. When you're in an accident, the roof of your car has a greater risk of collapsing if the windshield fails. For that reason, it's important to replace a cracked windshield or have a chip repaired. You want the glass strong enough to keep the roof up if you're in an accident.

Weak Auto Glass Can Be Knocked Out By Air Bags

Another reason you don't want a weak windshield is that the glass could be knocked out if the airbags deploy. Airbags put a lot of pressure on the windshield, and if the glass has a cracked area, the windshield could fail. Instead of repairing the windshield at your convenience, you're faced with an emergency replacement if the glass fails all at once.

Windshield Repair Can Be Done At Your Home

There's no reason to risk driving with a bad windshield since a mobile auto glass truck can come to your home and repair or replace the glass without you having to leave home. A mobile repair service can come anywhere, such as your office or the mall parking lot. However, keep in mind you won't be able to drive your car right away. The adhesive has to cure before your car is safe to drive. This is something you might need to factor into your decision when calling for mobile chip repairs when you are parked somewhere.

Call the auto glass repair service for an estimate of how soon you can drive your car and advice on whether mobile repairs are appropriate. If you can't drive your car and it isn't safe to stay where you are, you can always have your car towed to the glass shop.

Quicker Repairs Could Mean Better Results

Sometimes, the damage to a car's windshield is so bad that it's obvious you need immediate repairs. Other times, you might think you can put it off. One reason not to delay is the sooner you get a chip filled in, the less obvious the repairs might be.

Over time, the valleys and grooves in the chip fill with dirt or get rain trapped inside them. Even though the auto glass technician will clean the area before repairing it, imperfections might show through. When repairs are done promptly, the repairs might be less noticeable since the damaged area will be cleaner. For more information, contact an auto glass service