How Buying The Right Glass Shower Enclosures Can Help With Your Bathroom Renovation

How Buying The Right Glass Shower Enclosures Can Help With Your Bathroom Renovation

2 July 2020
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Renovating a bathroom can bring a 65 percent to 68 percent return on investment (ROI) for your household. Fixing up your boring shower can be one of the most useful and appreciating improvements that you make. You can design and install a glass enclosure to really give your shower a new life. Below are a few different things you should know about purchasing the best glass enclosure improvements for your home. 

Why a new glass shower enclosure can be an amazing idea

Explore the advantages of a new glass shower enclosure so you can choose the correct one. Glass enclosures make it easier to keep your bathroom healthy and sanitary because it gives you less breeding ground for mold. You won't have to worry about the dank mildew smell that can make your bathroom virtually uninhabitable.

A brand new glass enclosure also makes your bathroom more valuable and decorative as a whole. It will make your bathroom look and feel bigger. This gives you the chance to make better use of the bathroom, particularly if it's a master bathroom. 

What's more, these glass shower enclosures make it a lot easier to get in and out so that you're less susceptible to slipping and getting hurt. More than one-third of the injuries that happen in the bathroom is due to the shower. In these sorts of emergency medical visits, about 14 percent end up having to be hospitalized.

What kinds of shower enclosures you should shop for

Shop for a new enclosure by first figuring out the variety of styles that you can embrace. Some of the main kinds of glass shower enclosures available include frameless, framed, hinged, square, tile, and block. So much artistry goes into these installations, and you'll be able to use glass that is thick enough to keep heat inside when you want to take a hot shower. This causes you to waste less energy in your bathroom and it makes your home more eco-friendly. 

You can also save about 10 percent to 50 percent on your water use when installing eco-friendly fixtures in your shower. Speaking to a glass shower enclosure professional will help you install it either on spec for a custom shower or by using existing layouts. 

Buying and installing a new enclosure will cost you an average of roughly $900, and the rates could cost more than $1,300. 

Use these tips to purchase the best glass shower enclosure you can find.

For more information, speak to a glass shower enclosure service.