3 Ways To Street Smart Your Windshields From Break-Ins And Rioters

3 Ways To Street Smart Your Windshields From Break-Ins And Rioters

25 June 2020
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Vehicle thefts and riots cause billions of dollars in damage to vehicles each year. If past demonstrations are any indication, the current racial riots will cause well over $1 billion in property damage. Fortunately, vehicle theft and property damage have been steadily declining over the decade. 

Fortified windshield glass is locking out many thieves. The following are three ways protective glass can protect your vehicle. 

Install Unbreakable Glass 

Whether a demonstrator or gorilla is smashing and jumping on your windshield, this glass is designed to be nearly impossible to break. While different brand names are being used—Gorilla, Unbreakable, Dragontail—the message is clear: this glass is tough. 

Thieves and hooligans have met their match. A special surface coating makes these glasses high strength and crack-resistant. Carmakers are also installing unbreakable glass on dashboards and side mirrors.

You may already use similar unbreakable glass on your smartphone or tablet screen cover. Window shield glass, though, cannot be snapped on. Professional installation is required.

Apply Window Security Film

Security films are made of strong, fortified materials that require tremendous force to break. When a strong force is applied to a window, the tight binding in the material prevents it from shattering. Window film is easy and inexpensive to use. 

Though the protective film cannot be peeled onto your windshield like some home window treatments. If you want to install a window security film, visit your local windshield repair shop. After deciding among film options, a Windshield installer can complete the job within a day. 

Use Window Tinting 

Most cars are broken into during the afternoon. This timing makes window shield tint an inexpensive deterrent against thieves. When glare from the sun is high, window tinting is the most opaque. Thieves will avoid your opaque window shield for several reasons. They cannot see valuables to steal, whether or not someone is in the car, or the profile of the car driver (If a police uniform is on the car seat, chances are the thief will not break in.) 

Windshield tinting is an inexpensive option when compared with the price of a window replacement. The price will vary depending on the features you choose to add, which may include:

  • a solar protection layer to block out UV rays and heat
  • thermal insulation to retain heat in the winter 

Faking vehicle security with security decals can make you a sitting duck if the thief recognizes a fake security decal. If someone does try and break your window, Windshield protection treatments can protect your property. Contact someone near you for precision windshield repair services.